Clinical Human Genetics

Our consultation hours at the Genetics Outpatient Center are especially targeted for people and their families in whom there is a suspected genetic disorder. We seek a precise diagnosis using latest analysis methods. In our genetic counselling service, we provide easy-to-understand information about genetic diseases, the risk of recurrence in other family members and about the options for treatment. We work in close collaboration with the Medical Health Center (Medizinischen Versorgungszentrum, MVZ), the Center for Rare Diseases and with various specialised outpatient centers at the University of Cologne.

Basically, you can come to us with any genetics concern you have. Click here for detailed information about registration for our consultation hours. At our Institute, we have consultation hours for specific disease groups:

For all other questions, we have general consultation hours. 

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Prof. Dr. Christian Netzer

Prof. Dr. Christian Netzer

Head, Clinical Human Genetics
Head, Molecular Genetic Diagnostics
Head, Human Genetics at MVZ

Specialist in human genetics

+49 221 478-86837 (for appointments at the Genetics Outpatient Center)
+49 221 478-86214 (for appointments at the Medical Health Center MVZ)
+49 221 478-86812
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