Material & Shipping

Blood and DNA samples can be shipped by regular post without chilling. Find here our Primary Sampling Manual.

This primary sample manual provides an overview of the collection and handling of primary samples. Furthermore, information is provided on other points that are important for human genetic analysis.

The address for submitting samples is:

Institute of Human Genetics/MVZ (Medical Health Center)
Building 47 (Women’s Hospital)
9th Floor
Kerpener Str. 34
50931 Cologne

Our Diagnostics Desk would be happy to answer any questions about “Material and Shipping”

Alexandra Neke, Degree in Health Economics
Telephone +49 221 478-86811
Fax +49 221 478-86812

Please label samples carefully (name and date of birth as well as sample date)! Unlabelled samples cannot be accepted for quality assurance reasons.

Request forms

Samples cannot be processed without completed and signed request forms. Our request form also includes the consent declaration for patients as required by the German Genetic Diagnostics Act.

Adult patients

For all postnatal genetic analyses in adult patients at the Institute, we ask for 5-10 ml EDTA blood or at least 1 µg genomic DNA.

Newborns and young children

For newborns or very young children, we require at least 1 ml EDTA blood if possible. However, smaller volumes are often sufficient to isolate enough DNA for the analyses.

Prenatal diagnostics

For prenatal diagnostics, chorionic villi or approx. 5-10 ml amniotic fluid are usually required. Please notify us in advance by telephone for submission of prenatal diagnostic samples.

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