Clinical electives

Two to four weeks of internship in human genetics are recognised by the Landesprüfungsamt (state examination office). It makes the most sense to complete the internship during the break after the 7th semester.

As part of an internship, you have the opportunity to take part in genetic counselling and clinical genetic consulting hours addressing a wide range of issues. You will become familiar with the extensive field of responsibilities of a specialist in human genetics. Some examples of these responsibilities include:

  • Collecting personal and family health data (family history)
  • Preparing informative family trees
  • Analysing previous results
  • Physical examinations appropriate for the respective question
  • Use of suitable databases and software programs to obtain the most exact diagnosis possible
  • Ordering genetic diagnostics
  • Assessing special genetic risks
  • Counselling about potential significance of an illness for future life planning and personal health
  • Preparing reports on human genetics


Dr. Julia Schreml
Education coordinator

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