Outstanding training for our students is especially important to us. We hope to inspire students in issues relating to human genetics through lectures, seminars, competence areas and practical laboratory work. Although the field of human genetics is relatively small, its importance is growing with increasing diagnostic and technical possibilities. In recent years, human genetic testing has become a core aspect of medicine and is gaining importance in interdisciplinary care for our patients. We offer particularly engaged students in biology, biochemistry or medicine the opportunity to collaborate on research projects. The Institute serves as a bridge between the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Cologne; this function highlights the close collaboration between the two faculties. Prof. Brunhilde Wirth teaches at both faculties and, in addition to the right to award doctorates at the Medical Faculty, also has the right to award a PhD from the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

For more information on teaching and advanced training courses, please consult ILIAS.

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