Registration & general information about consultations

Please provide us with the following documents in advance (as you register or immediately after) by email, post or fax:

  • Informative doctor’s letter regarding your concern and previous genetic findings, if any

These documents will help to prepare for and plan your appointment. Documents that are missing delay the genetic results and sometimes prolongs your appointment with us.

Application for all consultation hours

Appointments are made daily by arrangement with Ms Saßen and Ms Gniostko at the Medical Health Center (MVZ) of the University of Cologne or in the Institute’s Outpatient Clinic.

Telephone +49 221 478-86837 (Register for consultation at MVZ)

Telephone +49 221 478-86214 (Register for consultation at the Outpatient Center)

Fax +49 221 478-86812


Please bring the following to your first appointment:

  • If you have statutory insurance and an appointment in the genetic polyclinic (in the university outpatient clinic) a yellow referral letter based on Sample 6 (in the MVZ Human Genetics Division, the electronic insurance card is all that you need)
  • If you have statutory insurance and an appointment in our special consultation hours according to 116b / ASV (directive on specialist outpatient care), a yellow referral letter based on Sample 6 (please contact Ms Gniostko if you have any questions)
  • If your appointment is for a child, the yellow or green examination record
  • Any new doctor’s letters or results reports regarding your concern (if these have not been submitted already during registration)
  • If necessary, an interpreter or family member who can serve as a translator


Institute of Human Genetics
University Hospital Cologne
Building 47 (Women's Hospital), 9th Floor
Kerpener Str. 34
50931 Cologne

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