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Research is one of our key activities and of particular importance to us. We apply the latest technology to investigate the causes of genetic disorders. Using a broad range of methods of molecular genetics, molecular and cell biology and protein biochemistry and different model organisms such as worms, flies, zebrafish and mice, we strive to identify proteins involved in diseases and to understand their functions and signalling pathways. We hope that our efforts will ultimately lead to the development of therapeutic options.

Our main research areas are neuromuscular diseases, muscular diseases, skeletal disorders, kidney disorders, lipid metabolism disorders and undiagnosed syndromes.

Our research groups receive third-party funds granted by DFG, EU and others. Our researchers are active members in networks of the University of Cologne, e.g. ZMMK and CECAD , and are involved in various national and international collaborations, i.e. NEUROMICS.