Material and shipping
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Material and shipping

Please contact our secretariat (Tel. +49 221 478-86811, A. Neke) for any questions in the context of “material and shipping”.

For sending us blood or DNA samples, please use the following postal address:

Institut für Humangenetik / MVZ
Gebäude 47 (Frauenklinik)
9. Etage
Kerpener Str. 34
50931 Köln (Cologne)


Samples which are sent to us without a completed and signed request form cannot be processed. Our request form also contains the consent form required by the German Act of Gene Diagnostics (“Gendiagnostik-Gesetz”). This consent form has to be signed by the patients or their legal guardians and by the responsible physician.


  • For adult patients, please send us 5-10 ml EDTA blood or a minimum of 1 µg genomic DNA for any of the postnatal genetic analyses offered by our institute.

  • For newborns or very small children, we usually need a minimum of 1 ml EDTA blood. However, often it is possible to extract enough DNA from even smaller volumes.

  • For prenatal diagnostics, we usually need chorionic villi or approximately 10 ml amniotic fluid. Please contact us before you send us a prenatal sample!


Please make sure that samples are correctly labelled (patient name, date of birth, date of blood draw). In compliance with requirements of quality assurance, incorrectly labelled samples cannot not processed by our laboratory.

Please contact our secretariat (Tel. +49 221 478-86811, A. Neke) if your patient has a German health insurance and you have questions regarding the referral notes (“Überweisungsscheine”) within the German health care system.