Array-CGH diagnostics
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Array-CGH diagnostics

In routine diagnostics, we use an array-CGH platform from Agilent Technologies with 4x180K DNA-microarrys. Please click here for downloading the request form and an information leaflet for patients and their parents. Contact persons for array-CGH are Dr. Vera Riehmer and Dr. Nico Fuhrmann. If genetic analyses of further family members – typically the patient´s parents - are needed to classify a genomic imbalance detected by array-CGH, we perform customized qPCR assays within a few weeks.

Array-CGH can identify the underlying molecular cause in approximately 10% of patients with developmental delay. The detection rate is highest when a patient has malformations in addition to developmental delay. The resolution of our array-CGH platform is about 50-100x higher than the resolution of conventional chromosome analyses by microscopy. In most parts of the genome, we will detect any genomic imbalance with a minimal size of 100 KB.

Prenatal array-CGH analyses are currently not offered routinely, but only in special cases and after consulting with us.